Chicago Scavenger Hunts

Calling all Adventurers, Brainiacs, and Tourists. HuntChicago is a great way to explore the Windy City while learning more about the people and places that make Chicago great. Whether it’s your first time in Second City or you’ve lived here your whole life, there is a Chicago scavenger hunt for everyone.

Buckingham Fountain



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Kate Buckingham


During the Grant Park Scavenger Hunt

How it Works

After purchasing your game, you will get an activation code by email. Enter it at and you will be able to start the scavenger hunt in a web browser or on your smartphone.

We'll guide you through the scavenger hunt, sending you one question at a time. If you get stuck, you can request a hint.

Everyone who buys a copy of the game gets their own score. Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score!

After you answer each question, we will provide some background on Chicago - it is part scavenger hunt, part tour guide. So what are you waiting for, try a game today!

Customer Feedback

"I haven't lived in Chicago very long, and this scavenger hunt was a great way to have fun and also learn about the city. It is also the greatest game I have every played"
- Tristan, owner's brother
"No really, I did not bribe him to say that at all. Try our free scavenger hunt to have fun exploring Chicago and decide for yourself!"
- Owner

Free Scavenger Hunt

Try a free five question scavenger hunt in Chicago's Millennium Park! You can answer the questions by playing in the park or by searching online.